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Drawtivity update – activity scoring

If you are interested there has been progress on the Drawtivity project in the development of a mechanism to score activities. This has proven to be quite a complex business involving a great deal of thinking and also a fair bit of mathematics. We now have a mechanism that in testing seems to automatically generate appropriate percentage scores based on the accuracy of the user’s drawn response when compared against the activity answer. To learn more about the thinking behind this mechanism please review the Drawtivity blog posts How to score a Drawtivity activity and Implementing activity scoring. To try an example scored activity click on the screenshot below.

Try a scored Drawtivity activity


Webducate project wins Talis Incubator for Open Education funding

Talis-Incubator logoWe are very pleased and excited to announce that the Webducate project to create an e-learning authoring tool called Drawtivity has been awarded funding by the Talis Incubator for Open Education. This project aims to create a new form of web based authoring system that offers functionality to facilitate the open reuse and adaptation of all authored activities.  Drawtivity activities themselves will involve the participant marking out a line or area on an image and then receiving feedback on the accuracy of their attempt through seeing a correct answer and a percentage accuracy score.  Watch this space for more information soon.

View the Drawtivity project proposal (PDF)

Talis announces details of the funded projects

Proposed Drawtivity screenshot