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Choosing a WordPress quiz plugin

I am currently building a WordPress based website with a private members area that incorporates relatively simple quizzes. Rather than re-invent the wheel I reviewed three existing quiz plugins and identified what appears to be the most suited to my purposes. As this was quite time consuming to do I thought I would share what I learned and outline why I made my selection:

Wp-Pro-Quiz – offers the most functionality for setting up how your quiz and questions will behave. However the results recording only recorded the first attempt of any user so preventing a user from improving their score in subsequent attempts. This was a deal breaker!

SS Quiz – a simpler set of functionality and a nice quiz authoring interface. However I discovered on testing sometimes the questions would be marked inappropriately (i.e. a question answered incorrectly would be recognised as being correctly answered). This again is a very significant problem for a quiz!

Slick Quiz – again a simple set of quiz functionality that can be used to author only 2 question types (MCQs and MRQs). Answers are marked accurately and results are recorded for each and every user’s attempt at a quiz. One weakness with this plugin is the poor display of scores for a quiz which are viewed as a long list with no options to re-order or filter these results by user etc.

Despite its limitations I selected Slick Quiz as the quiz plugin for this site.

In order to provide the site members with a page that lists the quizzes available with details of their attempts and highest score, I am currently writing a custom WordPress plugin that draws on the database tables used by the Slick Quiz plugin and displays this information in a dynamic table that allows sorting and searching. This will provide an interface that will remain useable as the number of quizzes grows. This table is implemented by using the excellent TablePress plugin (see below).

Dynamic quizzes table