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Free Articulate Skin – Webducate Simple Blue

Following the popularity of the Free Reflection skin I thought I would share another simple skin for Articulate Presenter.  I believe that minimising the complexity of the presentation interface is often very helpful because it reduces distractions and confusion for the learner.  It also means that the buttons provided can be large and clear.

So the Free Webducate simple blue skin takes this approach with three large, clear buttons. Click on the screenshot below to view a demonstration of this skin.

Webducate Simple Blue Skin
To use this skin download the skin articulate package file below and double click on it to install. Once installed a new layer template option will appear in your Articulate presenter publish window.

Download the Webducate simple blue skin articulate package

NB – if  you encounter problems installing this skin it is likely to be due to security restrictions relating to downloaded files from the Internet on your PC.  In this case please contact me and I’ll email you the skin articulate package which will avoid this problem.

If you find this skin useful please note that Webducate offers a range of skin related services including custom skin development and skin development training.


Free Articulate Skin – Reflection

One of the exciting skinning ideas that came to me during the Second European Articulate User Conference was the concept of a simple skin for Presentation Zen type slide shows where each slide displays an evocative image overlayed with short a concise statement. Such as skin would need to avoid detracting from the presentation itself, so it should be small, simple and unobtrusive. I also thought it would be interesting to explore the potential for incorporating a reflection of each slide as part of the skin to add to the overall affect.

After some trial and error efforts I am now excited to present the Webducate Reflection skin and make this availableFREE as an artpkg file for others to use.

View a presentation using the Reflection skin

View an example presentation using the Reflection skin.

Download the FREE Reflection skin artpkg.

NB - The slide reflection only displays if there is something on the powerpoint slide to reflect… so if you have a blank white slide with text you need to draw a white rectangle covering the whole slide to act as a background. This will then appear as a reflection for this slide.

More information on the Articulate skin related services provided by Webducate.