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Re-sizing and positioning the presentation slides in your Articulate Presenter skin

Wow what a great Articulate Users Conference at the University of Leeds!  I’m still buzzing from all the ideas, conversations and enthusiasm.  This has to be my favourite conference by far… and thanks to one of the other participants I have finally learned about one of the remaining mysteries of Articulate Presenter skinning (well it had been a mystery to me anyway).  I really hadn’t thought it was possible to move or resize the presentation slides displayed beneath your articulate skin and so all my skin designs were based on fitting around or overlapping the slide content where necessary.  But I was wrong.  As detailed in this forum post you can refer to the slides (and also to the other elements added on top of slides such as Engage and Quizmaker interactions) by their levels in the root articulate movie and so amend their scaling and position properties.  Hat’s off to the detective work that was necessary to work this out as it certainly isn’t mentioned in the SDK.

So for example if I want to re-size and re-position the presentation slides I need to add the following code to the actionscript in my skin (probably inside an appropriately named function):

_level22._yscale = 80;   //reduce slide height to 80% of original height
_level22._xscale = 80;   //reduce slide width to 80% of original width
_level22._y = 100;          //reposition slide on y axis
_level22._x = 200;          //reposition slide on x axis

The levels you use to refer to the other types of elements displayed on top of slides are (these are drawn from this forum post):

_level22 PPT slide loaded into in Articulate
_level33 Flash embedded in PPT slide
_level33 container for swf and flv
_level44 Side panel
_level55 Quizmaker
_level56 Engage
_level57 Toolbar items
_level58 ast_notes.swf and navicons

Knowing this opens the door to much more flexible skin design as I can now increase the space available for the skin above and below the presentation slides and not have to overlap the slide content. However if you are designing skins to be compatible with embedded Engage interactions, Quizmaker quizzes, SWF and FLV files etc you will  need to ensure you are also re-sizing and re-positioning each of these elements as well, so there will probably be lots of testing involved to get this right!


Articulate custom skins – bespoke development and development training

Webducate is pleased announce the availability of Articulate Presenter custom skin training and bespoke development services.  Articulate Presenter custom skins allow e-learning resources created with the popular Articulate authoring system to be delivered within a customised player.  This player can be designed to include branding and functionality not available within the default Articulate player helping to meet a target audiences’ specific needs and providing a unique learning experience.

Webducate offers two distinct services relating to the creation of Articulate presenter custom skins:

  1. Training - If you are an experienced Flash developer and want to get started creating your own skins, Webdcuate offers intensive hands on training with related Flash source files provided to get you up and running as fast as possible.
  2. Bespoke development - If you would like to use a custom skin but lack the time and/or skills required then Webducate can develop a skin to meet your needs.

If you are interested in either of these two services please see our related page and/or get in touch…

Example Articulate presentation with a custom skin