Dragster 2

Dragster 2 - create drag and drop activities for FREE!

Dragster 2 is an earlier version of the Dragster 3 drag and drop activity tool which provides less functionality and flexibility than its big brother. However rather than consign Dragster 2 to the web in the sky, we have decided to make it available for FREE.

So to use Dragster 2 just register to set up a myWebducate account, login, click on Dragster 2 and start authoring…

Compare Dragster 2 and Dragster 3

Dragster 2 Dragster 3
Easy to author Tick Tick
Draggable text boxes and labels Tick Tick
Define correct, close and incorrect feedback Tick Tick
Publish activities as a zip file Tick Tick
Number of activities Unlimited Unlimited
Price FREE £45 per year
Draggable images Tick
Provide percentage scores Tick
Record, analyze and share activity results online Tick
Create collaborative wiki activities Tick
Publish Scorm compatible activities Tick
Choose between landscape and portrait layouts Tick
Keyboard controls for accessibility Tick
Provide pop-up text feedback and links Tick
All activity text is customizable Tick