Embed code available for Dragster 3

Following requests we have added a facility to embed your Dragster 3 activities in blog posts and web pages using a similar method to that provided by YouTube. On your Dragster 3 activity publish page you will now find a Dragster 3 activity embed code displayed near the bottom of the page (see below). Select this code and copy to your clipboard (Ctrl C or right click and select Copy – see below).

Select and copy embed code

Paste this code into the HTML of a blog post or the HTML of a web page to display your Dragster 3 activity.

Paste the embed code into the HTML of a blog post using WordPress

Tips – You can amend the dimensions of the embedded activity by editing the values of the width and height attributes in the embed code. You will want to maintain the same ratio between width and height. So example dimensions for a landscape Dragster activity are 900 by 490, 600 by 327, 450 by 245.

You can disable the embed facility in the Dragster 3 activity settings.


Below is an example embedded Dragster 3 activity embedded with a width of 600 and a height of 327:

<iframe src="http://www.webducate.net/dragster3/publish/embed.php?c=Nt5HaqTiHPMI" width="600" height="327" frameborder="0"></iframe>