Embedding Dragster 3 drag and drop activities into Adobe Captivate 5

Dragster 3 offers a great way to add drag and drop activities to e-learning resources created with Adobe Captivate. The process of embedding a Dragster 3 activity in Captivate involves a number of steps described below:

  1. Publish your Dragster 3 activity using the Embed activity publish option and extract the zipped files (more details on the Embed activity publish option).
  2. Create a new blank Captivate project. In this case I am choosing to use a project size that will fit a Dragster 3 landscape activity (1024 x 576).cap1
  3. Select the Captivate slide where you wish to add the Dragster activity. Use the Insert > Animation menu option.cap2
  4. Browse to and select the published Dragster 3 activity SWF file.cap3
  5. You may see a warning at this point about the version of actionscript. I have found that this warning can be ignored, so click Yes.cap4
  6. The outline of the Dragster activity will now appear on the slide. You will need to change two Captivate properties for this inserted activity in the right hand properties panel. Make sure the activity is selected on the slide, then expand the Timing box in the properties panel. Edit the display for a specific time and allocate the appropriate number of seconds.cap5
  7. Now expand the Transition box and select No transition. You have now finished inserting the Dragster activity.cap6
  8. Save your Captivate project. Once you have completed the other aspects of your resource, you are now ready to publish the project.
  9. Select the menu option File > Publish to display the Publish dialog. You can leave most of the publish settings in their default values, apart from one preference. Click the Preferences… button to reveal the preferences dialog.cap7
  10. On the preferences dialog on the Project > Publish settings page, Externalize resources list check the Animations option and click OK.
  11. Now publish the Captivate project. Once complete select No to Do you wish to view the output. There is one more step for you to complete before you can test your resource.cap8
  12. Open your published Captivate project files folder and the published Dragster activity files folder. Copy the SWF file and folder from the published Dragster activity into the published Captivate project files folder. Select Yes to replace the dragster SWF file already in this folder.cap9
  13. Now you can test your Captivate resource by opening the appropriate HTM file with your browser. An example Captivate resource created by following these steps is shown below (View this example Captivate).