Free Articulate Skin – Reflection

One of the exciting skinning ideas that came to me during the Second European Articulate User Conference was the concept of a simple skin for Presentation Zen type slide shows where each slide displays an evocative image overlayed with short a concise statement. Such as skin would need to avoid detracting from the presentation itself, so it should be small, simple and unobtrusive. I also thought it would be interesting to explore the potential for incorporating a reflection of each slide as part of the skin to add to the overall affect.

After some trial and error efforts I am now excited to present the Webducate Reflection skin and make this availableFREE as an artpkg file for others to use.

View a presentation using the Reflection skin

View an example presentation using the Reflection skin.

Download the FREE Reflection skin artpkg.

NB - The slide reflection only displays if there is something on the powerpoint slide to reflect… so if you have a blank white slide with text you need to draw a white rectangle covering the whole slide to act as a background. This will then appear as a reflection for this slide.

More information on the Articulate skin related services provided by Webducate.