New Dragster features – transparent skin and textbox height

Two new features have been added to Dragster 3:

  1. A new activity setting allows the height of draggable text boxes and labels to be optionally fixed. By default these draggable text boxes and labels automatically resize their height to fit their text content. Now by specifying a value greater than zero in the new Text box / label height setting all draggable elements will have the same fixed height. This is particularly useful for activities involving the completion of flowcharts, matrices or tables. This setting is used in this example flowchart based activity (activity courtesy of Dominic Alder – University of Bristol).Flowchart based activity using fixed element heights
  2. A new option on the Activity skin colour selection is the transparent skin option. This option hides the activity skin entirely allowing the selected activity Background colour to be displayed. This facility allows for the activity to be seamlessly integrated into other web content as illustrated in this articulate presentation example.
  3. Example articulate presentation with embedded dragster activities

If you can identify other useful additions to Dragster please get in touch!