Flash and mobile phones (the HTC Hero)

I must admit that I haven’t really paid too much attention to mobile phones and consequently mobile learning to date.  That has been largely because the only available flash player on mobiles has been Flash Lite which offers a very limited set of functionality, and because of this it has not looked that likely that flash based applications such as Dragster would be usable on a mobile.

Well it looks like that is going to change and sooner rather than later…

In July 2009 HTC released their touch screen Hero handset which offers a much more capable flash player on the Android operating system. There are numerous reviews of this device out there but the video below (taken from this review by Rob Jackson) demonstrates some of the abilities and limitations of its current flash capabilities.


While its obviously not perfect, this is boding very well for the future, and according to Adobe the flash player is due to be upgraded later this year.

What this appears to be leading to is a future where flash development for the web and mobile devices will become much, much easier and may even get to a point of develop once and deploy onto any device. The project that is making this a reality is the Open Screen project.

This is all very exciting especially in combination with the developments in mobile touch screen interfaces which open up possibilities for more tactile interactions such as drag and drop.

I hope to get my hands on an HTC Hero soon and have a go myself… when I do I’ll post on how I get on.